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n e w   p r o d u c t s

••  g i f t   c e n t e r 

I have long made collages of images and quotations for myself and friends, and I combined this love of all things paper with the gift ideas for a new venture: gift packages with calendar stacks. A calendar stack is simply a stack of 30 or 31 cards, one per day, making a month pass a little easier.

calendar stack

On the gift center page, there's a number of options for the theme (general, pregnancy, marriage, grief), duration (monthly shipments for a single month, 3 months, 6 months, etc) and jewelry add-ons.

calendar stack

I also created some card gift packages with themes near and dear to me: Lovely Literary, Scientific Method Spectacular, Take a Hike, The Artists' Eye and Egyptian Wisdom.

card gift examples

••  j o i e   d e   v i v r e 

With school back in session, I've added several school/education related jewelry items to this site and my Etsy shop ofgoodcheer. With the Alexandria, Cloud Nine, and Ceramic jewelry items, I mix textures of matte stones (calcite, marble, jasper) with the gleam of smooth glass, and Dragon is a multi-strand braiding experiment resulting in a bold piece useful for taking a bite out of the next work meeting. There's also a couple items with mom in mind, so simple and lovely necklaces that can be wrap bracelets, and pendant necklaces with open ribbons or cords for easy tie-and-go.

Cloud Nine
Equivalent #6
Strawberry Field
Always a Rose
Aurora Borealis
Earth Angel
Weather Front
Copper Queen
Lake Havasu
New Leaf
Lilies of the Field
Mauna Loa
Mother's Bouquet
Museum Piece
Earth Day Pt.2
Holiday Cheer

I regularly add new items or swap out items on the gift-minded 20 under 30 and sub 60 pages. Twenty under 30 shows 20 jewelry items under $30 USD, and the price includes free gift wrapping and shipping - simply add the recipient information to the text fields before adding the item to the PayPal cart. Sub 60 is similar (items under $60 USD), though with more emphasis on semi-precious gemstones.

••  2 0   u n d e r   3 0 :   e x a m p l e s

"Good" astromech droid pendant
"Evil" astromech droid pendant
Metal charms

••  s u b   s i x t y :   e x a m p l e s

Semi-precious gemstone pendants
Precious metal earrings
Pendants & silk ribbon

••  v a l s   p a l s 

Val's Pals celebrates middle age! Look for new designs throughout the birthday, holiday, congratulations and empathy cards and invitations.

birthday card
BD The Forties
birthday card
BD Aging Animals

••  h a d   m a t t e r   l i n e

The fun continues in Had Matter Line cards...be sure to view the old world designs for beautiful images from the past.

birthday card
BD Horoscope
blank card
OW St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

••  r i v e r   s t o n e   d e s i g n s

As digital cameras march towards ever finer resolution, the possibilities for beautiful cards blossom! Check out a number of new card designs in in a blink.

blank card
I Sunshine Through Storm
blank card
I Italy Travel