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n e w   p r o d u c t s

••  l e s s o n s   f r o m   t h e   c o r o n a v i r u s  

There is little a cheerful website can offer in these challenging times. However, people like to receive cards; this was true before COVID-19 and now more than ever people appreciate a tangible greeting in this changing world. To that end, I'm offering a greeting card care package: a selection of three designs drawn from the card lines and card packages for $10.

Corona-care card package: 3 randomly selected cards (with stamps) from the card packages and card lines - $10.00 USD and free shipping within the US

corona care cards

••  c a r d   p a c k a g e s 

Aside from the product lines, I'm often inspired by a theme that I enjoy taking through a collection of card designs. These card packages are united by common graphics or ideas. For example, Lovely Literary combines lines from well known authors with art, and Scientific Method Spectacular offers snippets from various science fields highlighting the role of the scientific method in furthering our understanding of the world on which we find ourselves. See Card Packages for a complete list of themes!

card gift examples

••  g i f t   c e n t e r :   c a l e n d a r   s t a c k 

I have long made collages of images and quotations for myself and friends, and I combined this love of all things paper with the gift ideas for a new venture: gift packages with calendar stacks. A calendar stack is simply a stack of 30 or 31 cards, one per day, making a month pass a little easier. On the gift center page, there's a number of options for the theme (general, pregnancy, marriage, grief), duration (monthly shipments for a single month, 3 months, 6 months, etc) and jewelry add-ons.

calendar stack

calendar stack

••  j o i e   d e   v i v r e 

New designs for Winter 2022 are atomic-inspired (with the pleasing swoops and curves of spirographs) or feature outstanding gemstones. These can also be found in my Etsy shop ofgoodcheer.

Cosmic Ray
Dark Skies
Worm Hole
Binary Star System
2S Orbital (sodalite)
2S Orbital (zoisite)
Bronze Sickle Moon
Line & Circle
Rose Red
Mythical Creature
Lochan Uaine
Laminar Flow
Copper Ice
Morning Mist
No Drama Llama

New designs listed for Fall 2022. Many items feature mixed metal designs: sterling silver charms paired with solid copper pendants. I expanded mottos and simple pendants and thought about celebrations throughout the year. Some are also listed in my Etsy shop ofgoodcheer though prices and terms are (should!) be the same. As always, I love gemstones set in sterling silver from SilverRocks, beautiful saturated lampwork glass colors from Unicorne Beads, and imaginative pewter items from Green Girl Studios.
Be Like Water #3
Pea Pod
Worry Stone
Creepy Crawly
Clusters & Vine
Eye of Horus
Hold On
Cheerful Commentary
Denizen of the Deep
Hippity Hop
Happy Halloween
A Little Love
Eye to the Ocean
Love for Teachers
Our Lady
Existential Angst
Old World
Old World #2
Grand Canal
Head is to Heart
Be Like Water
Verb #3
Unnecessary Burdens
Living Strength #2
Living Strength
The Oak
Nom de Plume
Best Behavior #2
Olive Branch
Sand & Sea
Smoke & Fire
Red Blend
Peaches & Cream
Prickly Pear
Thing With Feathers
Going Batty
Bird on a Wire
Hope Springs Eternal
Crafty Birds
Harvest Pumpkin
Good Hearted
Good Luck & Fortune
Don Quixote
Baggage #2
Action as Stillness
Savor the Moment
Same But Different
Power of Love #2
Power of Love
Be Like Water #2
Being Smooth
Good Advice
Fair Warning

I regularly add new items or swap out items on the gift-minded 20 under 30 and sub 60 pages. Twenty under 30 shows 20 jewelry items under $30 USD, and the price includes free gift wrapping and shipping - simply add the recipient information to the text fields before adding the item to the PayPal cart. Sub 60 is similar (items under $60 USD), though with more emphasis on semi-precious gemstones.

••  2 0   u n d e r   3 0 :   e x a m p l e s

"Good" astromech droid pendant
"Evil" astromech droid pendant
Metal charms

••  s u b   s i x t y :   e x a m p l e s

Semi-precious gemstone pendants
Precious metal earrings
Pendants & silk ribbon

••  v a l s   p a l s 

Val's Pals celebrates middle age in the time of COVID. Designs celebrate events throughout the year.

halloween card OCT Spider Yoga
dinner invitation card DNR Won't You Join Us?
blank card MND The Missing Years

••  h a d   m a t t e r   l i n e

The fun continues in Had Matter Line cards...be sure to view the Victorian designs for lively commentary using art of yore.

blank card VCT Wisdom in Our Time
blank card VCT Not Feeling Myself
rosh hashanah card VCT Rosh Hashanah Apple & Honey
blank card VCT Enjoying a Pet
blank card VCT Coverture
blank card VCT Reading Through the Pandemic

••  r i v e r   s t o n e   d e s i g n s

Art and photos are the inspiration for new designs of beauty and wisdom. Line art abounds in impressions and photos capture the beauty of a moment in a blink.

blank card IMP The Autumn Wind
blank card IMP Happy Halloween
blank card BLK Eating Breakfast
blank card IMP Red World
blank card IMP Be Imperfect
blank card BLK Powerful Play Goes On