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In celebration of reading and learning, Joie de Vivre jewelry offers "G E E K   C H I C" designs, in one of four categories: yes i koan , literary allusions, spirodoodles, and school daze. Each category offers a fun way to connect lovely jewelry with a favorite subject or character from philosophy, books, myths, doodles and school subjects. Some examples are shown below but visit the pages for full selection!

Delicious #3
Reminder #2
Equivalent #5
Hypotrochoid #3
Rose Quartz No. 8 Emma
Malachite No. 5 Cather
Ponderosa Pine
Data Types
Irresistible (gold)

There's two new pages devoted to gift ideas: 20 under 30 shows 20 jewelry items under $30 USD, and the price includes free gift wrapping and shipping - simply add the recipient information to the text fields before adding the item to the PayPal cart. The page sub sixty is similar, though with more emphasis on semi-precious gemstones and prices under $60 USD, also including free gift wrapping and shipping.

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Gem Drop earrings
Sterling silver chains & charms
Pendants & silk ribbon

••  s u b   s i x t y :   e x a m p l e s

Semi-precious gemstone pendants
Precious metal earrings
Pendants & silk ribbon

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Val's Pals enter parenthood! Look for new designs throughout the birthday, holiday, congratulations and empathy cards and invitations.

mothers day card
HD Mother Wisdom - Front
mothers day card
HD Mother Wisdom - Inside

••  h a d   m a t t e r   l i n e

The fun continues in Had Matter Line cards...be sure to view the old world designs for beautiful images from the past.

christmas card
CHR Sugar Free Holiday - Front
christmas card
CHR Sugar Free Holiday - Inside

••  r i v e r   s t o n e   d e s i g n s

As digital cameras march towards ever finer resolution, the possibilities for beautiful cards blossom! Check out a number of new card designs in in a blink.

blank card
IAB Care For All Things Tulips
blank card
IAB Hello Ocean