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Good intentions aside, how many of us are stocked with sufficient cards? Kids birthday party? Death of a loved one in your circle of friends? Parent's anniversary? Share a practical gift of cards for all occasions. Perhaps you know someone like Mr. Glass (Curious George) who appreciates the unique and would enjoy a gift of cards found no where else. Or maybe you'd simply like to send something a little different this year - a card gift rather than a gift card.

With this in mind, I organized some card gifts outside the sampler packs offered on each product line page (sampler packs are combinations of 12 cards within one of the card lines - Val's Pals, Had Matter Line, River Stone Designs - for $36 USD). Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes.

  • Cover the Bases: The goal of this card package is to prevent a last minute rush to the drug store because there wasn't a good card to be found in the house! It includes 1 illness/get well soon card, 1 sympathy/grief card, 3 birthday cards (2 humorous, 1 serious), 2 thank you cards, 4 congratulations cards (1 marriage, 1 new baby/addition, 1 new home/moving, 1 graduation) and 1 anniversary card for 12 cards total. cover the bases card gift

  • Beautiful Places: For those with a little wanderlust or a love of armchair traveling, this card package contains 12 designs of lovely places selected from Had Matter Line "Old World" cards and River Stone Designs "In a Blink" cards. beautiful places card gift

  • Circle of Friends: This package is designed to share with your peeps: 4 birthday cards (humorous) and 8 friendly greetings for 12 cards total. circle of friends card gift

  • Ellipse of Acquaintances: Unlike the circle, the foci of the ellipse are not quite aligned. This package contains 12 cards for those you like to consider but perhaps whose sentiments are not quite aligned with yours. Includes 4 birthday cards, 2 congratulations cards, and 6 blank cards suitable for thank you and other occasions. ellipse of acquaintances card gift

  • Holiday Happiness: Share some holiday love with this package for the most commonly celebrated holidays. Includes cards for New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas for 12 cards total. holiday happiness card gift

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Aside from the product lines, I'm often inspired by a theme that I enjoy taking through a collection of card designs. These card packages are united by common graphics or ideas. For example, Lovely Literary combines lines from well known authors with art, and Scientific Method Spectacular offers snippets from various science fields highlighting the role of the scientific method in furthering our understanding of the world on which we find ourselves. Click on the graphic to be taken to the page showing all the designs and purchase options.

  • Lovely Literary: This package of 16 cards contains designs inspired by calendar stack dailies featuring famous figures in early literature, from Shakespeare and Basho to Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson. A great gift for lovers of the written word. lovely literary card gift

  • Scientific Method Spectacular: This package of 16 cards celebrates great achievements in scientific discovery and understanding, from a sun-centered solar system to photosynthesis to penicillin. Perfect for your favorite scientist or fan of STEM. STEM card gift

  • The Artists' Eye: You might be familiar with Georgia O'Keeffe and John Singer Sargent as famous American painters, but what about Cecilia Beaux or William Merritt Chase? This package of 16 cards showcases works by American artists, from the country's early days to the 20th century. A delightful gift for an artist or art lover. american artists card gift

  • Take a Hike: This package contains 16 cards with designs from the Works Projects Administration poster collection featuring our national parks. The designs were created between 1936 and 1943 to publicize exhibits and community programs. A popular gift for outdoor enthusiasts. national park card gift

  • Egyptian Wisdom: "The nut doesn't reveal the tree it contains." In addition to honoring gods and pharohs, Egyptian hieroglyphics speak of daily life, including a number of proverbs inscribed at Luxor and other sites that remain pertinent today. This 16 card package is great for an ancient Egyptian buff or history lover. ancient egyptian card gift

  • Please Write: Though texts and emails are convenient methods of communication, there is no replacement for a thoughtfully written letter to convey connection and meaning. These 16 card designs contain quotes from well known authors on this excellent pasttime. A terrific gift for a letter writer (or to encourage writing!). please write card gift

  • It Takes a Village: The phrase gained traction after the publication of Hillary Clinton's book about the realities of what it means to raise children. These cards do not concern children or child care, though vital to us all. Instead, these 16 cards capture towns and villages as depicted in the Nuremberg Chronicle, a book of illustrations published in 1493, and other medieaval illustrations. A colorful gift for a book or history lover. medieaval village card gift

  • Inside Out: Impressionism was an art style popular in Europe in the late 1800s, following the Realism movement from France in the 1840s. Impressionism seeks to capture the essence of a scene through external means like light and layered color. Expressionism out of Germany followed Impressionism but focused on the artist's subjective experience of a scene, through use of vibrant color and distorted perspective. These 16 card designs contrast the two styles through showing similar subjects (streets, portraits, hills) with very different artistic rendering: "inside" for the subjective experience and "out" for the external light. A terrific gift for an artist or art lover. impressionism expressionism art card gifts

  • The Language of Flowers: Selam, the Oriental Language of Flowers was an old Persian poetical art introduced into Europe by Charles II, king of Sweden, when he returned to Sweden after years of exile in the Ottomanian court. His courtiers adopted the mode of speaking through flowers,Durch die Blume sprechen, which spread throughout western Europe. These 24 card designs feature sentiments or symbolism of popular flowers from plants and trees. A colorful gift for your favorite romantic or fan of flora. language of flowers card gifts

  • The Rose Family: The poem by Robert Frost of the same name is the inspiration for these 24 card designs featuring black and white photographs of roses. Each design contains a line from the poem or line from another poem dedicated to those most luxurious of blooms. The perfect gift for a photography lover, romantic, or flower lover. rose family card gifts

  • The World in Black and White: The 24 card designs in this package feature black and white photographs of outstanding locations throughout the country. Most of the designs are taken from scans of film negatives taken before the rise of digital cameras. A great gift for a photography lover or traveler. world in black and white card gifts

  • It's A Sign: This card package contains colorful watercolor designs for the 12 signs of the zodiac constellations as well as four general zodiac designs. A colorful gift for those who enjoy ancient astrology or follow the horoscope. its a sign card gifts

  • Designing Women: The terrific proliferation of magazines, periodicals, and books at the turn of the twentieth century opened opportunities for women illustators. This package of 28 cards features designs from a handful of these successful women artists. A great gift for a lover of children's books and illustrations. designing women card gifts

  • Snow in the Sonora: Every now and then, snow will descend on the Sonoran Desert, blanketing the cacti with a cool white covering. More often, snow visits the sky islands, those mountainous regions rising above the desert basins. These 14 designs feature snow and winter weather in this otherwise sun-drenched region. A great seasonal gift for a desert dweller. snow in the sonora card gifts

Card Subscription
There's also a Joie de Vivre subscription with cards for a perennial gift of cards and jewelry, sampling all the product lines in a single annual shipment.

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The gifts on this page do not require purchase of a gift box; they will be packaged and sent to the recipient listed under the "Gift Recipient" field free of charge. Card gifts are tied in ribbon and wrapped in tissue.

Gift boxing is available for other items on the website by purchasing a gift box for each recipient and entering the recipient's name to each item added to the PayPal cart, enabling multiple gift recipients for each order. See the gift box instructions for ordering information.

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