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scrollwork design feature
Line art comes in many forms. A pen, pencil, or pastel to paper can produce among the simplest designs and most profound impressions. Stamps leave more than an image, they leave a mood or impression, and these tell the story. Some are simple - an assertion - and some are more complex, but the fun and popularity of decoupage and collages are the variety of stories they can tell.

If you're interested in ordering cards, please scroll to the bottom of the page for sampler pack selections. If you choose the "Custom" card selection, then note the name of the card (listed under the card images) in the text field provided. Note that "Front" and "Inside" are images for the same card: "Front" is the design on front of the card, and "Inside" is the inside message.

blank card IMP Tuberlicious Tulip
blank card IMP Summer Bee
blank card IMP Fly Away
blank card IMP Leaf Adrift
blank card IMP Autumn Oak Leaf
blank card IMP Good Planning
blank card IMP Fine Dining
blank card IMP Queen Bee
blank card IMP Chamber Music
blank card IMP Out of Town
blank card IMP No Change For A Stamp
blank card IMP Recognized Each Other
blank card IMP Time Flies and How
blank card IMP Old Sorrows
blank card IMP Winter Aspen
blank card IMP You Must Write
blank card IMP Spring Tulip
blank card IMP Sunshine Through Storm
blank card IMP Italy Travel
blank card IMP The Autumn Wind
blank card IMP Happy Halloween
blank card IMP Red World
blank card IMP Be Imperfect
scrollwork design feature
River Stone Designs Impressions Card Sampler Pack options The sampler pack includes 12 cards printed on ivory heavy duty cardstock with matching envelopes. Cards are approximately 5"x7" and don't require special postage. The "You Must Write" pack includes two cards of the following six designs: 1. IMP Tuberlicious Tulip, 2. IMP Fly Away, 3. IMP Old Sorrows, 4. IMP No Change for a Stamp, 5. IMP You Must Write and 6. Time Flies. The "Seasons" pack includes two cards of the following six designs: 1. IMP Summer Bee, 2. IMP Leaf Adrift, 3. IMP Autumn Oak, 4. IMP Queen Bee, 5. IMP Winter Aspen and 6. Spring Tulip. For the "Custom" pack, you can specify three card designs in the text field.

River Stone Designs Impressions Sampler Pack: $36.00 USD with free shipping

Pack options:
Custom pack: list 3 cards

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