river stone designs cards
w i n t e r    g r e e t i n g s

i m p r e s s i o n s

d a i l y   b r e a d 

i n   a   b l i n k 

••  w e l c o m e !

River Stone Designs tend to be more reflective, thoughtful and focused on nature or everyday objects showing unusual beauty or character. They feature photographs or stamp art and most don't contain greetings for a specific event or holiday, allowing you to adopt a card's theme for the greeting you'd like. Common themes include simple thankfulness, imagination and gentle humor. The idea is to do more than convert oxygen to carbon dioxide for a bit; why not pause to appreciate what it can mean to be joyfully alive? For some, a thoughtful or beautiful image would do nicely, but others may require more like a singing blue bird or some show tunes, but those are not here.

scrollwork design feature

There are four card groups: "Daily Bread" blank cards featuring everyday objects in photographs that highlight their beauty and character, and the idea is that these are basic items like bread that you see and touch every day; "Impressions" blank cards featuring stamps and collages that create a visual scene or moment, a quick breath that passes and moves along; "In a Blink" blank cards featuring photographs that literally capture a scene in the blink of an eye (actually much faster: a human blink is about 1/3 second and most camera shutter speeds start around 1/30 to 1/60 second); and "Winter Greetings" cards featuring graphics or photographs to celebrate the wonder, joy and mystery of these longest nights of the year (at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere).

Over the years I've noticed people prefer viewing or downloading the card images to buying individual cards so it's not worth the bookkeeping of offering individual cards for sale. However, if you would like to purchase cards, there's a variety of sampler packs you can select. Cards are printed on heavy duty cardstock with archival inks for a smooth, rich matte finish.