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School gets bad press; I understand this, and yet I count myself one of the fortunate who thoroughly enjoy learning. For me, it started as a love of reading that swelled and trickled to all subjects: literature, poetry, science, history - I've never grown tired of the delight of discovery. Of course, there is the other side of going through school that perhaps is not as enjoyable: the busy work and incessant testing. Ah well.

There are a number of items listed here where I was thinking about a specific class or field when I designed the piece. The Botany pieces, Ponderosa Pine and Pseudotsuga Menziesii, are drawn from direct experience of walking through the towering pine and fir forests of Oregon, collecting needles to help with tree classification. Likewise, Data Types represents bits I use on a daily basis. The Irresistible necklaces are obviously homage to resistors; I think of the simple breadboard circuits we created as probably nothing but tinker-toy child's play compared with electronics circuit design today.

Whether you're still in school and love it or out of school and nostalgic, I hope you enjoy the course work!

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Blue Mood
Mystic Oak
Golden Afternoon
Idyllic Forest
Tropical Shores
Water Lily

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Ponderosa Pine
Pseudotsuga Menziesii
Family Araucariaceae
Leaf Bud

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Data Types

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Irresistible (silver)
Irresistible (gold)

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Fibonacci Squares
Golden Mean
Weighted Average

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Rock Types I
Rock Types II

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Queen Tiy

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My Reproductive Organs
My Reproductive Organs (small)
Your Heart is a Muscle (bronze)
Your Heart is a Muscle (silver)

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Lilies of the Field

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Four Corners
The Grand Canyon State

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