Joie de Vivre jewelry
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Jewelry can add a dimension of joy and distinction to an outfit, an event, a day that nothing else can. This attachment is seen throughout the ages, and it's a reason I love to make jewelry, because it is special. I recommend items for different kinds of special events, but in truth, I do think what makes jewelry special is the person who loves it, regardless of occasion.

••  u n e x p e c t e d   e l e g a n c e

As a single woman, I never enjoyed wearing a nice dress and "party" shoes as much as I do now, as a mom with two young kids! There is something to be said for stepping out of the everyday world of Cheerios and trains and into something fabulous. The jewelry in this category may not be the usual sparkling solitaire or studs, but they dress up beautifully.

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Evening Out

••  i c o n i c   p i e c e s

Iconic pieces are instantly recognizable as classics: a string of pearls, a strong pendant on a chain, an arc of beautiful briolettes, a string of flashing gemstones. The simplicity of the design merely showcases the beauty of the material.

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Just Right
Rose Quartz No. 8 Emma

••  e v e r y d a y   g i f t s

What makes an everyday gift so special is the serendipity - a bit of loveliness arrives just because! Perhaps it's a birthday, an anniversary or a thank you; it is a present for the moment, out of the ordinary but not over the top.

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Hypotrochoid #3
Leaf Bud
Lo Orto

••  l i f e   m i l e s t o n e s

T. S. Eliot may have measured his life in coffee spoons, but for most of us, there will be other events like graduations, weddings or births that mark our lives. There may also be events that define our lives by our ability to survive them: overcoming illness or death of a loved one. These items commemorate these special life events.

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Someone Special
Good Fortune
Tree of Life

••  w o r k h o r s e s 

On the best of days, dressing for work is a pleasing opportunity to select a look for venturing forth and conquering the day with vigor and enthusiam. On the rest of the days, dressing for work is a chore, something else to be fit within a busy schedule. For those dying of boredom, this page shows examples of necklaces that can brighten up a predictable wardrobe, from more traditional designs to pair with formal suits to playful pieces to mix with shells and casual wear.

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The C&C
Wide Open

••  t w e n t y   u n d e r   t h i r t y

Need a nice gift but short on time? These 20 items are charming, economical (under $30 USD) and convenient for birthdays and other friendly occasions. Even better: gift boxing and shipping are free!

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Need a nice gift but short on time? These items are more gemstone-centric but still a great deal at less than $60 USD. Even better: gift boxing and shipping are free!

••  t h e m e s   &   c o l l e c t i o n s

Many of the jewelry items are designed with a place in mind, and this page of themes and collections gathers jewelry of similar inspiration.

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Looking for a special gift that includes jewelry and beautiful cards? Visit the gift center for calendar stacks, card packages, themed gifts and more!