Joie de Vivre jewelry
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Bracelets are terrific for two good reasons: 1) they go with just about everything and 2) they are visible to oneself away from a mirror! How nice it is to look down while typing and be greeted with something different and stylish. Plus, bracelets feel great. For whatever reason, I feel sophisticated wearing a bracelet. Wearing them is an easy way to follow a trend (sleek modern, layered bohemian, relaxed vacationer) and relatively inexpensive.

Etsy is the place to go for a variety of thin metal bangles, and I love to pair those simple pieces with a chunkier strand for contrast and a relaxed look. Also, I recommend viewing the necklets page for ideas on how to use a beaded necklace as a terrific multi-wrap bracelet! (Traditionally, "necklets" refer to tight-fitting necklaces or fur wraps, but I'm using "necklet" as a combination necklace - bracelet to denote a necklace that can be worn as a necklace or wrapped two or more times for a cool bracelet.)

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Luster, Luster

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