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Blue-green has many names: aqua, teal, turquoise, cerulean, aquamarine and cyan are but a few of the names applied to this popular color. In fact, the Crayola color "Cerulean" ranked second behind "Blue" as the most popular color. It's associated with open communication and clarity of thought, and as a blue color, tends to promote relaxation and harmony.

Turquoise is an obvious gemstone in jewelry, but apatite, indicolite (blue-green tourmaline), chrysoprase, aquamarine, blue topaz, amazonite and blue opal are also beautiful stones. Turquoise is a porous mineral so it is common for it to be soaked in wax or impregnated with polymer plastic to stabilize the material against wear. Some turquoise may be dyed to enhance its color, especially to contrast with a dark matrix from a host rock. The higher quality - and more expensive - turquoise are not dyed and may or may not include matrix, depending on the source. Aquamarine is commonly heated to remove yellow color and enhance the bright blue tones. Most blue topaz in bead form results from irradiating and heating white topaz and has been found to be a safe and permanent treatment method.

Swarovski crystal colors "aquamarine", "light turquoise" and "blue zircon" are good blue-green colors, and blue-green is very popular for lampwork glass and sea glass. Darker hues of blue-green work well for dyed pearls; the lighter shades can make the pearls seem washed out or plastic in appearance.

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