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Like red, orange symbolizes vitality, excitement and adventure. It connotates freshness and health (think citrus fruits, peaches, cantaloupe, mango). "Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow" - a quote from the artist Wassily Kandindsky.

Many orange gemstones are opaque or translucent (sunstone, aventurine, moonstone, fire opal, agate, peach calcite); imperial topaz, spessartite garnet and tourmaline are truly impressive transparent orange gems. Citrine is generally more yellow or yellow-orange, but some stones may be deep orange. Heat-treated sapphire may also be a deep shade of orange.

"Fire opal" and "sun" are nice deep orange Swarovski crystal colors and "light peach" and "silk" are good lighter shades.

Natural peach or peach-pink pearls are widely available and the uniformity of their color and luster is generally superior to dyed pearls. Bayong wood is a hardwood that grows in the Phillipines with a natural orange hue.

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