Joie de Vivre jewelry
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Orange-red or red-orange include warmer reds and deep oranges, such as cherry red or hyacinth. There's also tomato, salmon, paprika and chili (hungry yet?). Coral red is a popular paint color and lipstick shade; it brings all the vitality of red with the warmth of orange.

Carnelian is one of the more common red-orange gemstones. Fire opal is more often orange, but can be a stunning red-orange. Spessartite and hessonite garnet can also be a deep red-orange. The banded agate sardonyx is not exclusively red-orange (it can also be dark brown or black in appearance), but many sardonyx beads are gorgeous red-orange with characteristic white banding. More subdued red-orange color is apparent in red tiger eye (a kind of quartz with fibers aligned for a lustrous effect) and tiger iron, whose strong banding is often the result of iron oxide, leading to rich rust or cinnamon hues. Enameled or treated copper trades its bright orange look for a more subdued red-orange appearance.

The Swarovski crystal color "fire opal" is a beautiful color blend of red and orange. "Light siam" is a deep salmon color and "padparadscha" is a terrific lighter shade. (The name refers to a unique pink-orange sapphire found in Sri Lanka.) There is also "hyacinth", "Indian red" and "red magma".

Salmon color dyes work well with pearls, providing nice warm glowing color. Red-orange dye or stain is effective on lighter color woods but looks more painted or artifical rather than enhancing a wood's natural beauty. Bright red dyed coral is a staple among Southwestern style jewelry with turquoise and lapis.

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