Joie de Vivre jewelry
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Blue-purple is the color of loebelia, hydrangea, grape hyacinth and morning glory: flowers whose vibrant colors catch our eye and pull us into the mysterious, at least a little. Blue-purple may be called indigo, violet or blueberry (deep shades) or periwinkle (lighter shades). Violet is the shortest wavelength "spectral color" (having its own wavelength), with a wavelength range of 380nm-450nm. Some people have "seen" ultra-violet light up to ~300nm.

If sapphire and lapis are celebrities of blue jewelry, then iolite and dumortierite are the somewhat overlooked but terrific stars of blue-purple. Tanzanite - a unique variety of zoisite - is also a beautiful gemstone, though lighter in color. Dumortierite is a stone that looks terrific in its natural state and takes on a different but pleasing appearance when dyed a deeper purple.

Swarovski crystal "dark indigo" captures a deep midnight blue-purple and "tanzanite" is not surprisingly a similar shade to the gemstone.

"Peacock" pearls refers to pearls a specific blue-purple shade that's a trade name used to describe the color of Tahitian pearls. Thankfully, dyed cultured pearls are available in similar lovely shades but without the high price tag.

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