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Yellow-orange is the light of late afternoon on a spring or summer day when the sun is dropping and quality of light mellows and softens. It's a time of quietness and reflection near the end of the day before the business of evening.

Most citrine gemstones are yellow-orange, and the same is true of amber. Champagne quartz can be a lovely mellow yellow-orange, as well as imperial topaz. Yellow aventurine, golden jade, yellow calcite and aragonite are not as common but warm yellow-hued stones. The warm mellow tones of gold make it a good candidate for this color group.

Swarovski crystal colors "citrine" and "topaz" have been available for years, and "sunflower" is a welcome new addition. "Crystal golden shadow" has a touch more tan but it is a lovely golden color.

Naturally colored pearls are more cream than golden, and yellow-orange dyed pearls aren't all that appealing.

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