Joie de Vivre jewelry
••  p i n o t  n o i r 

Like cabarnet sauvignon, pinot noir has an earthy flavor though more subdued so that other flavors are noticeable, like fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry or vanilla. Pinot noir is the palest red wine and light and easy on the tongue. It pairs well with a variety of foods, from salmon to creamy cheese dishes to chicken and pork. It is the grape of the Burgundy region and good pinot noir is among the most prized wines.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is pinot noir-like: lovely in color and feel with subtle style and fun.

••  f e a t u r e d :  e m b r a c e ,  f i s h  o u t  o f  w a t e r ,  s u n b u r s t 

Oyster + Embrace
Pearl Necklace + Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water + Gone Fishing
Sunburst + Tanzanite No. 2 Austen

••  e m b r a c e 

With a silk ribbon length of 36" the Embrace necklace can be worn short and high or a little longer, like the approximately 20" length shown with the 18" Oyster pearl necklace. Worn separately, the Embrace and Oyster necklaces have their own grace and style, but together create a colorful and striking layered appearance.

Embrace pendant and silk necklace
Oyster pearl necklace

••  f i s h  o u t  o f  w a t e r

Water is the theme of the first pairing; rather, those slippery silvery inhabitants sliding through the depths. The Fish Out of Water 16"-17" necklace features high-grade London blue topaz faceted teardrops and Hill Tribe silver, and it is paired with the 15" Gone Fishing multi-strand glass seedbead necklace, also featuring Hill Tribe silver. (Hill Triber silver is a fine 99% silver from the Karen Hill Tribe silversmiths in northern Thailand.) The second pairing shows the Fish Out of Water necklace with a longer 19" Pearl necklace.

Fish Out of Water blue topaz necklace
Gone Fishing seedbead necklace
Pearl necklace

••  s u n b u r s t

Complementary colors of purple and orange create a striking long 28" Sunburst necklace. Lovely tanzanite and rare orange sapphire form a beautiful frame to the 24" Tanzanite No. 2 Austen necklace. Long and delicate but rich in color, these two regal necklaces recall days of elegance and sophistication.

Sunburst tanzanite and sapphire necklace
Tanzanite No. 2 Austen tanzanite necklace

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