Joie de Vivre jewelry

••  p i n o t  n o i r 

Like cabarnet sauvignon, pinot noir has an earthy flavor though more subdued so that other flavors are noticeable, like fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry or vanilla. Pinot noir is the palest red wine and light and easy on the tongue. It pairs well with a variety of foods, from salmon to creamy cheese dishes to chicken and pork. It is the grape of the Burgundy region and good pinot noir is among the most prized wines.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is pinot noir-like: lovely in color and feel with subtle style and fun.

••  f a m i l y   a r a u c a r i a c e a e   +   p r e c i o u s 

This pairing shows carbon in two forms: the jet beads in Family Araucariaceae are a "soft" form (coal) and the diamond chips in Precious are a "hard" form. Handcrafted lampwork glass beads make a fine complement to the lustrous jet beads, and the contrast between smooth and rough of the two necklaces adds nice interest.

Family Araucariaceae: $124.00 USD

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Precious (silver): $157.00 USD

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Precious (gold-fill): $155.00 USD

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••  c o f f e e   +   d u s k 

The colors of early evening are on display in this pairing with lovely and unusual checkerboard cut circular smoky quartz gemstones in Coffee and the soft ombre of cut moonstone gemstones in Dusk.

Coffee: $192.00 USD

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Dusk: $148.00 USD

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••  f i s h   o u t   o f   w a t e r   +   g o n e   f i s h i n g 

There's no surprise that the brilliant London blue topaz gemstones in Fish Out of Water necklace shine nicely with the subdued blue sheen in the short and delicate Gone Fishing necklace.

Fish Out of Water: $268.00 USD

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Gone Fishing: $57.00 USD

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••  s o u t h   s e a s   +   a f t e r n o o n   t e a 

This pairing shows the strength of unlikely partners joining for an integrated look that couldn't be achieved with each alone. South Seas is a Swarovski glass pearl necklace with distinct Bali silver accents, and Afternoon Tea is a lightweight shimmering necklace of citrine and glass seedbeads; together they are a bold focal element for an outfit.

South Seas: $61.00 USD

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Afternoon Tea: on sale for $38.00 USD (originally $97.00 USD)

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••  f o o l ' s   g o l d   +   t i m e l e s s 

Fool's Gold mica and pyrite gemstone necklace and Timeless dyed coral necklace each stands well on its own as a classic style. Together they add shape and color for an unexpected but more pronouced focal element.

Fool's Gold: $80.00 USD

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Timeless: $80.00 USD

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••  t a s t i n g   m e n u 

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