Joie de Vivre jewelry

••  p i n o t   g r i g i o

Pinot grigio - or pinot gris, if feeling Continental - is a light, refreshing white wine with hints of citrus. It's a dry wine (not sweet) that is particularly satisfying in summer, served chilled. It pairs well with seafood and fried foods since the crisp flavor can cut through the oils. Good pinot grigio is easy to sip and lightweight in feel, with bright color and flavor.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is pinot grigio-like: bright spring-like colors with versatile styles and unexpected pairings.

••  s y s t o l i c   +   p e a r l   n e c k l a c e 

Systolic features bright pink rhodonite and stabilized turquoise with a sterling silver heart focal element. The Pearl Necklace is a classic freshwater pearl handknotted silk 18" necklace. Alone, each is nice but together they make a strong style statement.

Systolic: $55.00 USD

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Pearl Necklace: $65.00 USD

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••  t r a n s p i r a t i o n   +   j o y f u l 

The jewel-bright colors make each of these necklaces stand out on its own, but together they provide beautiful color and style to be gala-worthy. Transpiration is an 18" emerald and sapphire saucer necklace, and Joyful is an adjustable 16"-20" multi-color sapphire necklace.

Transpiration: $132.00 USD

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Joyful: $352.00 USD

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••  h o s p i t a l i t y   +   b y   t h e   w a t e r   c o o l e r 

Big-hearted generosity is the thought behind the 21" Hospitality necklace and bracelet set, and the pale pink rose quartz of the 19.5" By the Water Cooler anchors the bright pinks and greens of the pink opal and chyrsoprase.

Hospitality: on sale for $41.00 USD (originally $82.00 USD)

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By the Water Cooler: $49.00 USD

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••  a w   s h u c k s   +   u r b a n   p l a n n i n g 

Aw Shucks received its name from the fresh yellow green color of the dyed stones (just like shucked peas), and though it is bright, the necklace pairs well with a variety of other pieces, including the pink coral Urban Planning necklace. Alone, each necklace might be just another beaded necklace, but together they add an unexpected visual pop.

Aw Shucks: $60.00 USD

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Urban Planning: on sale for $24.00 USD (originally $48.00 USD)

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••  m e e t   t h e   s u n r i s e   +   p r e t t y   p a c k a g e 

Each of the necklaces wears well for an evening out, but if an event calls for something bold, this complementary color combination may be just as the evening requires. Meet the Sunrise is a dyed freshwater pearl necklace, and PrettyPackage.html">Pretty Package features lovely faceted prehnite gemstones with Swarovski crystal and amazonite gemstones. Both necklaces are approximately 16" and Pretty Package includes matching earrings.

Meet the Sunrise: on sale for $25.00 USD (originally $49.00 USD)

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Pretty Package: $154.00 USD

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