Joie de Vivre jewelry
••  p i n o t  g r i g i o

Pinot grigio - or pinot gris, if feeling Continental - is a light, refreshing white wine with hints of citrus. It's a dry wine (not sweet) that is particularly satisfying in summer, served chilled. It pairs well with seafood and fried foods since the crisp flavor can cut through the oils. Good pinot grigio is easy to sip and lightweight in feel, with bright color and flavor.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is pinot grigio-like: bright spring-like colors with versatile styles and unexpected pairings.

••  f e a t u r e d :  m i n e r s ,  s p r i n g # 2 ,  a w  s h u c k s 

Miners + Zephyr
Spring #2 + Sunset
Aw Shucks + Daffodil
Aw Shucks + Pieces of Eight
Aw Shucks + Urban Planning
Aw Shucks + Meet the Sunrise

••  m i n e r s

Miners is a 17" necklace with sparkling peridot teardrops and patina copper glass spacers. The heavy contrast between stones and spacers makes the necklace a nice piece on its own though small in scale. Pairing it with a longer, paler piece such as the 18" Zephyr aquamarine and tourmaline necklace provides a frame around the necklace, making it a focal point.

Miners peridot necklace
Zephyr aquamarine necklace

••  s p r i n g # 2

The length of the necklace Spring #2 is variable, though between 14" and 20" is reasonable (the length of the silk ribbon is 36"). It is paired with the Sunset 16"-18" multi-gemstone (labradorite, iolite, carnelian) necklace, which contrasts the warm mustard of the Spring with cooler more saturated colors of Sunset.

Spring #2 pendant with silk ribbon
Sunset multi-gemstone necklace

••  a w  s h u c k s

Aw Shucks is the quintessential pinot grigio; the colors are fresh and bright and it pairs well with a variety of necklaces. It is a shorter necklace at 16" and provides groundcover for the sparkling 15" Daffodil necklace; complementary color for the 16" Meet the Sunrise necklace; highlights for the 17" Pieces of Eight necklace; and a contrasting accent strand for the 18" Urban Planning necklace.

Aw Shucks chalk turquoise necklace
Daffodil glass necklace
Meet the Sunrise pearl necklace
Pieces of Eight turquoise necklace
Urban Planning coral necklace

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