Joie de Vivre jewelry
••  c h a r d o n n a y

Chardonnay is the most widely known white wine variety, and most people have encountered it in the heavily oaked New World style. This may be to one's liking or not; a number of chardonnays have appeared "naked" in the unoaked Old World style. Oak aside, good chardonnay is smooth and almost buttery in the way it coats the mouth. If pinot grigio is the bright early morning sun, then chardonnay is the golden mellow sun of late afternoon.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is chardonnay-like: warm, mellow colors with definitive, classic style.

••  f e a t u r e d :  s u n s h i n e ,  a f t e r n o o n  t e a ,  i n v e s t m e n t 

Sunshine + Nautical
Sunshine + Irresistible (gold)
Sunshine + LGN
Sunshine + Milk & Honey
Afternoon Tea + South Seas
Afternoon Tea + Heritage
Afternoon Tea + Luster Luster
Investment + Have a Heart
Investment + Irresistible (gold)
Investment + Tourmaline No. 1 Jane
Investment + LGN
Investment + Milk & Honey

••  i n v e s t m e n t

The Investment necklace is a great example of the versatility of a small pendant or charm necklace. The small bronze pendant with sterling silver feature is interesting and atttractive on its own, but it also pairs with a large variety of other necklaces for a structured, layered look. Bronze has high copper content but the warm hue works equally well with silver and cooler colors as it does with gold and copper.

Investment bronze pendant necklace
Have a Heart copper pendant necklace
Irresistible gold-fill necklace
Irresistible sterling silver necklace
Tourmaline No. 1 Jane tourmaline necklace
LGN gold-fill and pearl necklace
Milk & Honey spessartite garnet and pearl necklace

••  s u n s h i n e

Sunshine is an 18" Mexican fire opal necklace that glows with the colors of sunlight. Like its name, the necklace is warm and light and pairs well with gold and other warm hues. It is a strong necklace on its own, but delicate necklaces like Irresistible and LGN add subtle layering that anchor the pieces and give them stronger appeal. Necklaces like Milk & Honey and Nautical are substantial necklaces, and pairing Sunshine with these creates a fine, bold statement piece that is still buttery and smooth, thanks to warm hues.

Sunshine fire opal necklace
LGN pearl and gold-fill necklace
Irresistible gold-fill necklace
Milk & Honey spessartite garnet and pearl necklace
Nautical carnelian and iolite necklace

••  a f t e r n o o n  t e a

Afternoon Tea was designed to suggest the pleasure and ease of late afternoon when the business of the day has generally been completed or resigned to the following day. It is a 17" necklace with citrine stones interspersed with delicate Japanese seedbeads. The warm mellow color behaves more as a neutral and pairs well with dark colors - as seen with South Seas, the 15" glass pearl necklace - and light colors, as seen with the similar colored 19" Heritage pearl necklace and pastel colored 18" Luster, Luster necklace featuring shell and rainbow moonstone.

Afternoon Tea citrine necklace
South Seas black glass pearl necklace
Heritage pearl necklace
Luster, Luster shell and rainbow moonstone necklace

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