Joie de Vivre jewelry

••  c h a r d o n n a y

Chardonnay is the most widely known white wine variety, and most people have encountered it in the heavily oaked New World style. This may be to one's liking or not; a number of chardonnays have appeared "naked" in the unoaked Old World style. Oak aside, good chardonnay is smooth and almost buttery in the way it coats the mouth. If pinot grigio is the bright early morning sun, then chardonnay is the golden mellow sun of late afternoon.

Five necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is chardonnay-like: warm, mellow colors with definitive, classic style.

••  a l o n g   t h e   a v e n u e   +   p e a r l   n e c k l a c e 

The extraordinary green color of the chrysoprase gemstones in the Along the Avenue is natural and one of the great attractions of the stone. The Pearl Necklace is exactly as the name implies, but this in no way diminishes the beauty and versatility of a mid-length pearl necklace strung with handknotted silk. Together the necklaces add a bit more interest than alone and provide a nice accent.

Along the Avenue: $60.00 USD

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Pearl Necklace: $65.00 USD

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••  a f t e r n o o n   t e a   +   h e r i t a g e 

Afternoon Tea is a 17" citrine faceted gemstone necklace with delicate glass spacers, and Heritage is a 19" freshwater pearl necklace with 24kt gold lined glass beads. Together they make warm, shining layers sure to complement a variety of outfits.

Afternoon Tea: on sale for $38.00 USD (originally $97.00 USD)

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Heritage: $58.00 USD

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••  t e n d e r   s h o o t s   +   n o s e g a y 

Tender Shoots is a 16" necklace featuring soft green prehnite and bright green chrysoprase gemstones, and Nosegay is an 18" freshwater pearl necklace with a stunning marcasite and sterling silver focal element. Together the rich garnet and pale hues make a fantastic bouquet-like combination to liven any occasion.

Tender Shoots: $63.00 USD

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Nosegay: $121.00 USD

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••  h o p e   +   l o v e 

These colorful jewelry items of "love" and "hope" were designed to work together though they can easily be worn separately. Hope is a shining peridot gemstone 20" necklace, and Love is a sterling silver slider on a beautiful hand-dyed 36" riboon.

Hope: $136.00 USD

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Love: $40.00 USD

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••  m i l k   &   h o n e y   +   a p p l e 

A fall favorite picnic combination of apples, honey and milk can also be a warm and welcoming jewelry combination. Milk & Honey is a 35" necklace of spessartite garnet and freshwater pearls strung with handknotted silk, and Apple features a crisp Swarovski crystal apple set in sterling silver.

Milk & Honey: $114.00 USD

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Apple: on sale for $18.00 USD (originally $35.00 USD)

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••  t a s t i n g   m e n u 

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