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••  c h a m p a g n e

Although there are numerous sparkling wines, champagne is the bubbly that lightens our hearts during festivities and celebrations. But why restrict the joy of crisp, bubbly deliciousness to a handful of times a year? Brut (dry variety = less sugar) is marvelous with cheese and crackers, fish tacos, chicken salad - the list is endless. Good champagne has a nice balance - not cloyingly sweet, not sharply acidic - and it refreshes and clears the palette. With champagne, all things are possible!

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is champagne-like: festive, sparkly and downright happy.

••  f e a t u r e d :  m o r n i n g  d e w ,  s w e e t  b e r y l s ,  h a p p y 

Morning Dew + The C & C
Morning Dew + Personal Light
Sweet Beryls
Sweet Beryls + Tourmaline No. 10 Le Guin
Happy + Rose Quartz No. 8 Emma

••  m o r n i n g  d e w

Morning Dew is a 13"-15" necklace made with Czech glass and sterling silver extension chain and lobster clasp. The first pairing shows it with The C & C 18" necklace, and the second pairing shows it with the Personal Light 16" necklace. Both pairings take advantage of the smooth opalescent quality of the glass complementing the bold colors and shapes of the stones in the accompanying necklace.

Morning Dew glass necklace
The C & C chrysocholla and moukaite jasper necklace
Personal Light agate necklace

••  s w e e t  b e r y l s

Sweet Beryls is a combination of two gemstone necklaces made from beryls, better known as aquamarine and morganite. The pale blue and yellow aquamarine necklace is 16" and the pink morganite necklace is 17.5". Both necklaces feature lovely faceted teardrop gemstones shown together, wrapped around each other. The morganite necklace also features sterling silver chain with freshwater pearl links. The morganite necklace is also shown with the unusual 16"-20" Tourmaline No. 10 Le Guin green tourmaline top-drilled crystal necklace.

Sweet Beryls aquamarine and morganite necklaces
Tourmaline No. 10 Le guin necklace

••  h a p p y

Happy is the person who wears this gemstone combination of vibrant blue-green apatite and pink tourmaline! Both necklaces are 19" and can be worn wrapped around each other, as in the first pairing, or worn with other pieces, as in the second pairing with the 18" Rose Quartz No. 8 Emma.

Happy apatite and pink tourmaline necklaces
Rose Quartz No. 8 Emma rose quartz necklace

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