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••  c h a m p a g n e

Although there are numerous sparkling wines, champagne is the bubbly that lightens our hearts during festivities and celebrations. But why restrict the joy of crisp, bubbly deliciousness to a handful of times a year? Brut (dry variety = less sugar) is marvelous with cheese and crackers, fish tacos, chicken salad - the list is endless. Good champagne has a nice balance - not cloyingly sweet, not sharply acidic - and it refreshes and clears the palette. With champagne, all things are possible!

Five necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is champagne-like: festive, sparkly and downright happy.

••  t r a n s p i r a t i o n   +   o r n a m e n t 

The pale green emerald found in the Transpiration necklace is unusual, and it makes the necklace a striking companion for a variety of pieces, including the Ornament pink tourmaline pendant necklace. Both necklaces feature jewel-bright colors of celebration and joy, and together they create a well-balanced exclaimation.

Transpiration: $132.00 USD

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Ornament: $170.00 USD

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••  s w e e t   b e r y l s   +   t o u r m a l i n e   n o .   1 0   l e   g u i n 

The faceted morganite gemstone strand from the Sweet Beryls set is pale pink in color like rose quartz but has greater hardness and clarity. (Morganite is a beryl like aquamarine and emerald.) The crystalline quality of tourmaline is evident in Tourmaline No. 10 Le Guin featuring raw pale green tourmaline top-drilled gemstones. Together the pastel colors pack a powerful punch of color and shine.

Sweet Beryls morganite: $238.00 USD

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Tourmaline No. 10 Le Guin: $232.00 USD

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••  i r r e s i s t i b l e   +   i n v e s t m e n t  

Irresistible is an ohm-age to electronics, and it's offered in 14kt gold-fill (as in this necklace) or sterling silver. Investment features a petal shaped bronze pendant with sterling silver feature, strung on a sterling silver chain. Together these simple chain necklaces have terrific layered style, and they are fun to wear.

Irresistible (gold-fill): $63.00

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Investment: $35.00 USD

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••  m i l k   &   h o n e y   +   s u n s h i n e 

Milk & Honey is a 35" single strand necklace of honey-hued spessartite garnet and lustrous freshwater pearls that can be doubled for a short necklace or wrapped multiple times as a cool wrap bracelet. The faceted fire opal gemstones in Sunshine capture colors and lustrous glow from gentle sunshine. Together these necklaces shine like a smile for a special occasion.

Milk & Honey: $114.00 USD

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Sunshine: $273.00 USD

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••  s w e e t n e s s   +   p e r s o n a l   l i g h t 

Sweetness is a smile in a small resin and sterling silver pendant on a sterling silver chain. Personal Light features a short strand of faceted red agate gemstones spaced with bright, delicate glass spacers. Together they make a stronger statement of sunny days and good cheer.

Sweetness: on sale for $33.00 USD (originally $45.00 USD)

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Personal Light: on sale for $33.00 USD (originally $60.00 USD)

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