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••  c a b a r n e t   s a u v i g n o n 

Good cabarnet sauvignon is immediately recognizable as strong in taste but easy on the palette. It's a pleasure to drink and pairs well with a number of foods, not just the traditional red meat. It can taste warm and smoky or smooth and fruity, but the flavor will be classic red wine.

Five necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is cabarnet-like: recognizable as a classic with strong color and versatile design.

••  m a r k e t   f r u i t   +   t h e   p o i n t e d   a r c h 

Market Fruit features a green aventurine gemstone pendant set in sterling silver with sterling silver chain handcrafted by the artisans at SilverRocks. It also includes lovely matching earrings, not shown on this page. The Pointed Arch features Czech glass spikes in a style reminisent of Gothic and Muslim inspired architecture. Together they form a colorful statement with a stylish edge.

Market Fruit: $127.00 USD

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The Pointed Arch: $57.00 USD

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••  e q u e s t r i a n   +   l o v e   a l w a y s 

Equestrian is a dark-hued necklace of wood rounds and stone beads interspersed with shining silver, and Love Always is a sterling silver heavyweight cable chain necklace. Together their monochromatic color scheme and well-defined lines make them an instant classic.

Equestrian: $61.00 USD

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Love Always: $137.00 USD

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••  f o r g e t   m e   n o t   +   l a d y   i n   w a i t i n g 

Forget Me Not glows a deep purple with checkerboard cut faceted amethyst gemstones, as are the paler ametrine gemstones in the Lady in Waiting necklace. Royal purples and precious silver and gold accents make these necklaces a powerful and striking statement.

Forget Me Not: $143.00 USD

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Lady in Waiting: on sale $43.00 USD (originally $116.00 USD)

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••  l g n   +   t o u r m a l i n e   n o .   1   j a n e 

The LGN is an all-purpose "little gold necklace", much like the ubiquitous "little black dress" that is useful on many fronts. Tourmaline No. 1 Jane is a refined multi-strand faceted tourmaline gemstone necklace with gold accents. Together they add richness and layered style for interest.

LGN: $75.00 USD

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Tourmaline No. 1 Jane: $233.00 USD

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••  h e r i t a g e   +   e a r t h   &   s k y 

Heritage spaces 24kt gold lined delicate glass seedbeads between glowing freshwater pearls, and Earth & Sky features a mix of tumbled turquoise nuggets and smooth porcelain elements. Together, warm and cool, smooth and rough, these necklaces of contrasts make a nice integrated pairing.

Heritage: $58.00 USD

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Earth & Sky: on sale $32.00 USD (originally $59.00 USD)

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••  t a s t i n g   m e n u 

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