Joie de Vivre jewelry
••  c a b a r n e t  s a u v i g n o n 

Good cabarnet sauvignon is immediately recognizable as strong in taste but easy on the palette. It's a pleasure to drink and pairs well with a number of foods, not just the traditional red meat. It can taste warm and smoky or smooth and fruity, but the flavor will be classic red wine.

The necklace pairs featured here contain at least one piece that is cabarnet-like: recognizable as a classic with strong color and versatile design.

••  f e a t u r e d :  e q u e s t r i a n ,  t o u r m a l i n e  n o . 1  j a n e ,  m a r k e t  f r u i t 

Equestrian + Love Always
Equestrian + Anatomy
The Pointed Arch + Market Fruit
Tourmaline No. 1 Jane + Oyster
Tourmaline No. 1 Jane + Chirp
Tourmaline No. 1 Jane + LGN
Tourmaline No. 1 Jane + Investment

••  m a r k e t  f r u i t 

Market Fruit features a 2" green aventurine pendant on a 17" sterling silver chain. Pendant necklaces generally stand well on their own, but classic shape and color of the pendant make it a great candidate to pair with other necklaces. The Pointed Arch is 17" Czech glass and sterling silver necklace with cool spikes. Together, the necklaces make an interesting and striking pair!

Market Fruit green aventurine pendant necklace
The Pointed Arch Czech glass necklace

••  e q u e s t r i a n 

Equestrian is an 18.5" wood and stone necklace with a stirrup shaped sterling silver toggle. The first pairing shows it with the 18" Love Always sterling silver chain necklace, and the second pairing shows it with the longer 20.5" Anatomy necklace.

Equestrian wood and stone necklace
Love Always sterling silver necklace
Anatomy limestone and sodalite necklace

••  t o u r m a l i n e  n o . 1  j a n e

Tourmaline No. 1 Jane is a three-strand 18" tourmaline necklace with a vermeil hook and eye clasp. The classic colors and style pair well especially well with pendant necklaces: the 18" Oyster pearl necklace for some added radiance, the 18" Chirp golden charm necklace, the golden 17" LGN, and the mixed metal 17" Investment necklace.

Tourmaline No. 1 Jane necklace
Oyster pearl necklace
Chirp vermeil and gold-fill necklace
LGN gold-fill and pearl necklace
Investment bronze and silver necklace

••  t a s t i n g  m e n u 

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