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The regions of Bohemia and Silesia (now in the Czech Republic) have centuries old history creating high quality, exceptional glassware. The distinction between "crystal" and "glass" generally refers to the lead content; higher lead content softens the glass to make it easier to cut and engrave and changes the diffraction properties to make it more refractive and aid its brilliancy. However, with modern day sensitivity to lead, the distinction carries less weight since barium oxide can be added instead of lead to achieve similar effects.

Beautiful variety best describes Czech glass; from pressed glass shapes like leaves and drops to gorgeous fire-polish finishes on faceted beads, Czech glass beads show vibrant colors and eye-catching shapes. Preciosa crystal is similar to Swarovski crystal in variety of color and shape with good sparkle. Czech glass has a feel of its own - smoothly uniform with good weight - that sets it apart from other glass. The coatings tend to be more uniform and some are so subtle they can be hard to detect other than outstanding color and sheen on a bead.

Eight Nights
Pearly Whites
New Varietal
Directed Energy
Overlock Stitch
Bed and Breakfast
The Pointed Arch
The Rain Fell in Sheets
Jean Jacket
Saturday Market
Chocolate Mint
Heaven on Earth
Flotsam & Jetsam
Summer Vacation
Mother's Bouquet
Painted Desert

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