Joie de Vivre jewelry
••  c o o l   s t u f f

"Stuff" is a less than gracious description of the wood, pearl, shell and resin materials used in these cool pendants, but I'm a fan of stuff: the more eclectic and interesting, the better. For example, the mini-masterpieces from a Californian art collective are positively delightful! These are giclee prints on canvas within a small wood frame. It takes my motto of "wearing and sharing art you love" to a literal level! Other wood focal pieces include laser etched pendants and lathe shaped objects.

Like gemstones, pearls and shells make stunning focal points in sterling silver settings. The same vendors for gemstone pendants (SilverRocks, Special Concepts) make beautiful pieces with pearl and shell as well. Artists such as Taina Hartman make simple and delightful resin pendants. As far as booths go, Art by Amy has one of the most colorful and appealing: her charms and collages stand out for their whimsy and sheer character.

••  d e s i g n s   w i t h   w o o d 

Treble Clef
Green Thumb
Lily Fair
Golden Afternoon
Idyllic Forest
Blue Mood
Mystic Oak
Tropical Shores

••  d e s i g n s   w i t h   p e a r l   o r   s h e l l 

Mid-life Musings
Eight Nights
Mary, Mary
Quartz No. 14 Gatsby
Moon Mother
Bright Spot

••  d e s i g n s   w i t h   r e s i n 

Treble Clef

••  d e s i g n s   w i t h   f i b e r s 

Star Swirls
Not Quite Geode