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The 24 card designs in this package feature black and white photographs of outstanding locations throughout the country. Most of the designs are taken from scans of film negatives taken before the rise of digital cameras. Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes, and purchase options include all 24 designs, the first half, and the second half.

blank card 1. Canyon de Chelly
blank card 2. Canyon de Chelly
blank card 3. Arizna Inn, Tucson
blank card 4. California coast
blank card 5. Flagstaff, Arizona
blank card 6. Grand Canyon
blank card 7. Grand Canyon
blank card 8. Las Vegas
blank card 9. Napa Valley
blank card 10. Napa Valley
blank card 11. Napa Valley
blank card 12. Queen Mary, Long Beach California
blank card 13. Napa Valley
blank card 14. Rural New England
blank card 15. New York City
blank card 16. Rodeo, New Mexico
blank card 17. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
blank card 18. Snowbowl, Arizona
blank card 19. St. Louis Arch, Missouri
blank card 20. Santa Barbara, California
blank card 21. Yosemite
blank card 22. Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona
blank card 23. Yosemite
blank card 24. Sedona, Arizona

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