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Some of the first recorded handwritten letters are from the Persian Queen Atossa, around 500 BCE, though clay tablets and papyrus scrolls had tracked market prices and regional customs long before. These 16 card designs feature quotes from well-known authors about the joy of writing letters. Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes, and purchase options include all 16 designs, the first half, and the second half.

blank card 1. Christopher Morley
blank card 2. A bit of wit
blank card 3. Annette Wynne
blank card 4. Edgar A. Guest
blank card 5. Traveling
blank card 6. George Eliot
blank card 7. D. H. Lawrence
blank card 8. Edgar A. Guest
blank card 9. Virginia Woolf
blank card 10. Ruby Archer
blank card 11. Virginia Woolf
blank card 12. Ernest Hemingway
blank card 13. Merriment
blank card 14. May Sarton
blank card 15. Virginia Woolf
blank card 16. Henry Miller

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