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"The nut doesn't reveal the tree it contains." In addition to honoring gods and pharohs, Egyptian hieroglyphics speak of daily life, including a number of proverbs inscribed at Luxor and other sites that remain pertinent today. Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes, and purchase options include all 16 designs, the first half, and the second half.

blank card 1. Abou Simbel
blank card 2. Anubis
blank card 3. American museum, Cairo
blank card 4. Adrien Dauzats
blank card 5. Ludwig Hans Fischer
blank card 6. Cheops pyramid
blank card 7. Frederick Arthur Bridgman
blank card 8. Hieroglyphs at Abydus
blank card 9. Karnak pylons, Luxor
blank card 10. Evergere pylon, Karnak
blank card 11. Jean-Leon Gerome
blank card 12. Pyramid, Cairo
blank card 13. Pyramids at Giza
blank card 14. Cairo market
blank card 15. Sphinx
blank card 16. Elihu Vedder

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