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This package contains 16 cards with designs from the Works Projects Administration poster collection featuring our national parks. The designs were created between 1936 and 1943 to publicize exhibits and community programs. Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes, and purchase options include all 16 designs, the first half, and the second half.

blank card 1. Acadia
blank card 2. Arches
blank card 3. Big Bend
blank card 4. Bryce Canyon
blank card 5. Crater Lake
blank card 6. General Grant
blank card 7. Grand Canyon
blank card 8. Grand Teton
blank card 9. Joshua Tree
blank card 10. Olympic
blank card 11. Saguaro
blank card 12. Sequoia
blank card 13. Shenandoah
blank card 14. Yellowstone
blank card 15. Yosemite
blank card 16. Zion

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