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Selam, the Oriental Language of Flowers was an old Persian poetical art introduced into Europe by Charles II, king of Sweden, when he returned to Sweden after years of exile in the Ottomanian court. His courtiers adopted the mode of speaking through flowers,Durch die Blume sprechen, which spread throughout western Europe. These 24 card designs feature sentiments or symbolism of popular flowers from plants and trees. Cards are printed with archival inks on heavy cardstock paper and include matching envelopes, and purchase options include all 24 designs, the first half, and the second half.

blank card 1. Acorn
blank card 2. Agave
blank card 3. Aloe
blank card 4. Cedar
blank card 5. Dandelion
blank card 6. Foxglove
blank card 7. Grapes
blank card 8. Iris
blank card 9. Jonquil
blank card 10. Juniper
blank card 11. Lemon tree
blank card 12. Lilac
blank card 13. Lily
blank card 14. Oleander
blank card 15. Orchid
blank card 16. Peony
blank card 17. Philodendron
blank card 18. Rose
blank card 19. Rosemary
blank card 20. Sunflower
blank card 21. Sweet pea
blank card 22. Tulip
blank card 23. Violets
blank card 24. Yucca

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