Joie de Vivre jewelry

l i n e   o f   t h o u g h t

The overlaying, angular lines in this bracelet are typical of doodles I draw in meetings when my attention can wonder. The design is made from separate 14kt gold-fill wire shapes connected with 14kt gold-fill rondelles. The backside of the bracelet is an open cable vermeil chain and the bracelet fastens with a lobster clasp. The difference between gold plating, vermeil and gold-fill has to do with thickness of the gold and the underlying base metal. Gold plated material usually has a base metal of brass or a zinc alloy, and the gold coating is at least a micron (0.001mm) thick. The karat of the gold used in the electroplating process can impact the color, though the wear is more dependent on the coating thickness. Vermeil is a thicker gold-plating (2.5 microns) with a high karat gold (22kt) over a sterling silver base metal. The greater gold thickness leads to greater longevity, and the more valuable materials in general lead to higher costs. Gold-fill components can be made of 10kt - 18kt gold deposited over a base metal, but the thickness is 10x-20x greater than gold plating. The gold fill components used in this bracelet are 1/20 14kt gold-fill; this means solid 14kt gold accounts for at least 1/20 (5%) of the component's total weight. Gold-fill components will tend to show little wear for much longer than gold-plate components simply because they contain more gold, and this also comes with higher cost.

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c a t e g o r i e s :

M a t e r i a l s  &  C a r e 

Length: bracelet - 7"


  • 14kt gold-fill wire
  • 14kt gold-fill beads
  • vermeil chain
  • 14kt gold-fill lobster clasp

Care & cleaning: Store bracelet flat when not in use to prevent stretching or kinking wire or chain. Clean with warm soapy water and avoid chemical or abrasive cleaners.

The 14kt gold-fill wire can be distorted by sustained hard pulls, so it's recommended to keep this out of reach. As with all beaded jewelry: do not let young toddlers chew on it.

W h a t  t o  W e a r 

This 7" bracelet is curved to accommodate most wrist sizes and can be worn with a variety of styles.