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n e p t u n e ' s   f l o w e r s 

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, and if there are flowers in the deeps of the seas, they would include lovely petal pearls such as found in this bracelet. Neptune is much like his Greek equivalent Poseidon; they were both gods of horses in addition to freshwater sources and seas, and both had siblings responsible for the lands of the living and dead. Although there are many parallels between Greek and Roman gods, Romans didn't assign the same degree of divine intervention to their stories; Zeus may carry off young maidens for wild whoopee but Jupiter most certainly does not. Poseidon may have been bad-tempered and incestuous in Greek tales, but Romans stories are less personal and more likely to thank Nepture for favorable conditions for military battles and relieving drought. The petal pearls in this necklace are keshi pearls, meaning they are products from Japanese saltwater pearl production rather than Chinese freshwater pearl production, and hence more valuable. Keshi (or petal) pearls are similar to regular cultivated pearls in how they form (secretion of nacre by mollusks) but they lack a clear nucleus, which gives rise to their irregular shape.

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c a t e g o r i e s :

M a t e r i a l s  &  C a r e 

Length: bracelet - 7 1/2"


  • keshi pearl beads
  • mother of pearl shell beads
  • 14kt gold-fill beads
  • Japanese glass seedbeads
  • 14kt gold-fill hook & eye clasp
  • Power Pro moderate duty braided Spectra Fiber™ (30 lb. load test)

Care & cleaning: Beading cord may be kinked or broken through hard jerks or severed through prolonged exposure to rough or sharp edges; store bracelet flat when not in use to prevent stretching or kinking cord. Clean with warm soapy water and avoid chemical or abrasive cleaners.

The beading cord is strong, but given the number of stones and strands, it wouldn't be a good idea to let young children rub, bend and pull on the strands of the bracelet. As with all beaded jewelry: do not let young toddlers chew on it.

W h a t  t o  W e a r 

This bracelet can be worn with a variety of styles, from casual to elegant. It is a larger scale jewelry piece that tends to a focal element on its own, so care should be taken when pairing it with other jewelry.