Joie de Vivre jewelry

d e m e t e r 

Giver of earth's good gifts,
Give me your grace, O Demeter

The story of Demeter is one of the earliest Homeric hymns, and with good reason: she is the Goddess of Corn, the daughter of titans Cronus and Rhea, sister of Zeus. Unlike other gods and goddesses, she suffers; she loses her beloved daughter Persephone to Hades and the Underworld for a quarter of the year. The life/death/rebirth cycle in the story of Demeter and Persephone speaks of mortality and grief and the transitory nature of both joy and pain. The unusual green gemstone in the pendant is called prasiolite, combining the Greek for prason ("leek") and lithos ("stone"). It is a color of summer and a vision of clear-eyed strength. The intricate patterning on the bezel might overwhelm a lesser stone, but not this one. The pendant is crafted by the talented artisans of SilverRocks and hangs from a 22" sterling silver snake chain.

A note on prasiolite: chemically, it is quartz, like amethyst and citrine, but the unique green color is the result of heat or radiation applied to certain deposits of amethyst. It used to be referred to as "green amethyst" until the Federal Trade Commission updated the Guides for Jewelry, Precious Metals and Pewter Industries (16 CFR 23, pg 7) to discourage the practice of describing gemstones like prasiolite and heliodor by incorrect varietal names like "green amethyst" or "yellow emerald". The green color is sensitive to heat and strong sunlight so storing the item in a dark, cool place is recommended.

Cost: $96.00 USD

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M a t e r i a l s  &  C a r e 

Length: necklace - 22"


  • faceted prasiolite set in sterling silver
  • sterling silver 1mm snake chain

Care & cleaning: Clean with warm soapy water and avoid chemical or abrasive cleaners. Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to clean tarnish appearing on silver. Due to the somewhat fragile nature of the color, it's recommended to store the item in a dark, cool place and avoid longtime exposure to heat and sunlight.

The pendant and chain are robust to toddler tugs, but as with all beaded jewelry: do not let young toddlers chew on it.

W h a t  t o  W e a r 

This 22" necklace and pendant are versatile and can be worn with casual tops (crew necks, V-necks) and higher-neck blouses or deeper V collared shirts.