Joie de Vivre jewelry

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Tourmaline gemstones provide the points in this 18"-19" necklace. Tourmaline is a cyclosilicate ring with a trigonal crystal system so the crystals tend to organize in long, slender columns that are triangular in cross section. The gemstone's remarkable colors come from trace amount of elements like iron, magnesium, and lithium. All the colors are present in the slim, faceted rondelles that comprise the strand from which hangs a rough, natural green tourmaline crystal set in sterling silver. Gem grade tourmaline usually comes from Brazil and Africa, like Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria or Kenya, though deposits can be found throughout the world, like the Ural mountains or areas outside San Diego and Riverside, California. Like many crystalline gemstones, tourmaline forms in pegamites, deep pockets filled with liquid rock rich with minerals. As the liquid cools, various minerals like tourmaline form into crystals. The highest grade crystals are transparent gemstones that can be cut for fine jewelry. The faceted gemstones in this necklace have terrific color, but they are opaque to translucent, perfect for a colorful wardrobe accessory. The sterling silver toggle clasp allows for a small length adjustment.

Cost: $105.00 USD

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Length: necklace - 18"


  • green tourmaline gemstone set in sterling silver
  • tourmaline rondelles
  • sterling silver beads and components
  • sterling silver toggle clasp
  • Soft Flex nylon coated stainless steel beading cord

Care & cleaning: Beading cord may be frayed or severed through hard jerks or prolonged exposure to rough or sharp edges; store necklace flat when not in use to prevent stretching or fraying cord. Clean with damp soapy water and avoid chemical or abrasive cleaners. Use a soft jewelry polishing cloth to clean tarnish appearing on metal.

The materials and cord in this necklace can withstand tugs and pulls. As with all beaded jewelry: do not let young toddlers chew on it.

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This 18"-19" necklace works well with a variety of necklines and pairs best with thin materials so it can lay flat.